Touch Screen Android Car Headrest Universal Rear Seat Entertainment System Multimedia Player

* Audio file playback MP3, wma, voice format playback * WiFi Internet function * Built in speaker * Headphone interface * Choice of 36 main languages * FM frequency transmission function

Products Details

11.6inch headrestFeature: 1. Audio file playback MP3, wma, voice format playback. 2. Mobile phone screen projection function [the mobile phone is connected through Yilian app to put the mobile phone screen into the machine]. 3. FM frequency transmission function: turn on the FM transmission of the machine and adjust it to an FM frequency point without radio channel, such as 88.5mhz, then turn on the radio of the on-board host to 88.5mhz, turn on the frequency transmission switch, and the sound of the machine will be transmitted to the on-board host at the general frequency, so as to restore the original sound of the four on-board speakers. 4. WiFi Internet function [ this product can realize Internet function through mobile phone hotspot or wireless WiFi pairing connection ]. 5. Built in speaker [built in 2 2W low-power speakers to help restore the sound. 6. USB interface [through USB interface, memory expansion, data and files can]. 7. Headphone interface [headphone operation can be configured if rear entertainment does not affect others]. 8. DC power interface {convenient power access standard, 12V power for on-board cigarette lighter, DC12V for household power adapter, or G + G capacitor touch + touch button function}. 9. Multimedia entertainment [game download, children's learning, home tablet, online education, e-books, etc.]. 10. Choice of 36 main languages [language translation of dozens of countries].

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